("Sforzando" means to go from piano to forte, in music notation. Here's an old picture from Inktober, made a while ago, to illustrate a few thoughts of late.)

I keep on thinking that drawing, and animating, is much like playing the piano ; especially in the case of direct animation, each note, each colour happens in time - we must keep in mind the development and follow the flow, using each "accident" as it comes as raw material, whilst being present to the whole intention ; there's no going back in music ; you just go forward.

Following the leading voice in my head, writing each sound in harmony as it comes up under your fingers, while keeping in mind a solid whole. Each drawing is the expression of all the repetitions (which make up our experience) , each motion a melody ; each scene, each panel, a "movement" in the music piece ; the whole forms the dynamic tapestry of the work. 

Animating on wax has this incredible feeling of sculpting, painting, and playing the piano, all together! The touch of the texture is like the touch on the instrument: organic, vibrant, sensitive... and lively.

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